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Workshop on Empowering women through online employment and freelancing.

By News & Event

Youth Hub & BD Expats jointly organizing an exclusive Workshop to Empower women through online employment & freelancing.

Learn & Earn from Home

We want to help Bangladeshi women who are living in Malaysia to create earning opportunities through online employment & freelancing.

Date: 17th July, (Saturday)
Time: 8:30 pm
Platform: Google Meet
Duration: 1.5 Hour

What you’ll learn:

* What are the Basics of Freelancing & Passive Income?
* How to start the “Freelancing” journey as a beginner with NO professional skills?
* Where to earn?
* What are the skills we need?
* How can we create an attractive “Profile” for customers?
* What are the Methods of making orders?
* How can we check customer profiles?
*How can we get our earnings from customers?

Any Bangladeshi Woman from any discipline who are living in Malaysia are encouraged to attend this Workshop
Prerequisite: PC/Laptop, Stable Internet Connection, Basic knowledge of IT

Registration Fee:
BD Expats Members: Free
Others (Woman): RM 20

(Limited seats, registration will be on the first-come-first-serve basis)

For any further communication, please contact:

Dr. Lubna : +60146420690
Pavel Sarwar : +60164670255

Youth Hub & BDExpat Kids Club Hackathon for Kids and Teens

By News & Event

On the occasion of the Children’s Day and Birth Anniversary of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman BD Expat Kids Club and Youth Hub is organizing the 1st ever kids and teens Hackathon in Malaysia.

The objectives of the Hackathon is to familiarize the kids & teens with Computer Programming, make them learn basic things about coding, attract the kids & teens from their early life to computer education, improve their skills related to ICT and especially computer programming, involve them into hands-on activities to write the code.

The topics will be open. Kids and Teens will be encouraged to develop any creative apps /Animation/ digital media including web sites or any creative project. They can use Scratch Programming, MIT App Inventor, HTML/Php/Python, AutoDraw etc. to develop their projects.

The rules and steps of participation are below,
# Each participant has to register by 10 PM, 10th March. At the time of registration, they have to share their idea in 5 sentences.
# There will be a briefing session on 11th March.
# A special boot camp will be arranged with participants on 13th March who need support.
# Kids will be allowed to work on their project between 14th March and 19th March. They have to submit their projects to us by 19th March. We will communicate the submission procedure later.
# The judges will review the project and will invite the top 10 participants to pitch their ideas on 21st March.
# The top 3 participants will receive attractive prizes and all participants will be awarded certificates.

Why Entrepreneurship in Nepal?

By News & Event

Why Entrepreneurship in Nepal, is one-day Networking and Exploring event organized with the motives to aware youth about Global Trends of Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship aiming to create more young Entrepreneurs in Nepal in order to take the Nation to next and developed level. We are bringing different Startups Company together to address different Problems, Challenges and ways to deal with it in the Country and inspire youth to be a part of these challenges to figure out different Innovation stuffs in order to solve different problems exist in Nepalese society. We are building Mindset of Problem Solving as an Entrepreneur in Nepalese Youth.

The event will be onward from 11:00 PM, on 31st of August. There will be Keynote Speakers from Four different field Entrepreneurship, Technology, Innovation and Business (Startups). Panel Discussions on “Why Entrepreneurship in Nepal” and different Startups CEO/Founder will be sharing their experiences, focusing to create great ecosystem for Young Entrepreneurs in the country to bring more Innovation Stuffs and to build Great Company in the days to come. Along with these, there will be Networking sessions to connect with Entrepreneurs, Speaker, Businessman, TechEnthusiast and Innovative-minded people at the event. Throughout this event, we will be making youth in conditioned to think about different challenges and problems exist in to the systems of different filed (Education, Health, Agriculture, Business and Innovation) and bring them together to work on to those problems and challenges as an Entrepreneur to solve them.

WHERE : MC Donald Food Cafe Restaurant and Banquet Mid Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal

WHEN: Date – 31st AugustSaturday 2019, Time – 11:00 am – 4:00 PM

To Register for the event click here

Most Diverse Marketing Technology Summit in Malaysia

By News & Event

MarTech Summit – is a marketing technology event designed to be 2-Day programme with 200+ attendees and 25+ Speakers from the industry – bringing a great mix of digital marketing and technology experience – So join us and hear from some of the most audacious and thought provoking speakers in the digital marketing industry. And Gain insight into emerging strategies, the latest innovative technologies, and best practices to move your business to the next level.

Don’t miss the opportunity to network with thought leaders, collaborate with your peers and build your network in a beautiful atmosphere.

Find out more @

SUPER EARLY BIRD for 2 days only. Ticket:

Facebook Event Page: