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Workshop on Empowering women through online employment and freelancing.

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Youth Hub & BD Expats jointly organizing an exclusive Workshop to Empower women through online employment & freelancing.

Learn & Earn from Home

We want to help Bangladeshi women who are living in Malaysia to create earning opportunities through online employment & freelancing.

Date: 17th July, (Saturday)
Time: 8:30 pm
Platform: Google Meet
Duration: 1.5 Hour

What you’ll learn:

* What are the Basics of Freelancing & Passive Income?
* How to start the “Freelancing” journey as a beginner with NO professional skills?
* Where to earn?
* What are the skills we need?
* How can we create an attractive “Profile” for customers?
* What are the Methods of making orders?
* How can we check customer profiles?
*How can we get our earnings from customers?

Any Bangladeshi Woman from any discipline who are living in Malaysia are encouraged to attend this Workshop
Prerequisite: PC/Laptop, Stable Internet Connection, Basic knowledge of IT

Registration Fee:
BD Expats Members: Free
Others (Woman): RM 20

(Limited seats, registration will be on the first-come-first-serve basis)

For any further communication, please contact:

Dr. Lubna : +60146420690
Pavel Sarwar : +60164670255

Youth Hub & BDExpat Kids Club Hackathon for Kids and Teens

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On the occasion of the Children’s Day and Birth Anniversary of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman BD Expat Kids Club and Youth Hub is organizing the 1st ever kids and teens Hackathon in Malaysia.

The objectives of the Hackathon is to familiarize the kids & teens with Computer Programming, make them learn basic things about coding, attract the kids & teens from their early life to computer education, improve their skills related to ICT and especially computer programming, involve them into hands-on activities to write the code.

The topics will be open. Kids and Teens will be encouraged to develop any creative apps /Animation/ digital media including web sites or any creative project. They can use Scratch Programming, MIT App Inventor, HTML/Php/Python, AutoDraw etc. to develop their projects.

The rules and steps of participation are below,
# Each participant has to register by 10 PM, 10th March. At the time of registration, they have to share their idea in 5 sentences.
# There will be a briefing session on 11th March.
# A special boot camp will be arranged with participants on 13th March who need support.
# Kids will be allowed to work on their project between 14th March and 19th March. They have to submit their projects to us by 19th March. We will communicate the submission procedure later.
# The judges will review the project and will invite the top 10 participants to pitch their ideas on 21st March.
# The top 3 participants will receive attractive prizes and all participants will be awarded certificates.

Why Entrepreneurship in Nepal?

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Why Entrepreneurship in Nepal, is one-day Networking and Exploring event organized with the motives to aware youth about Global Trends of Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship aiming to create more young Entrepreneurs in Nepal in order to take the Nation to next and developed level. We are bringing different Startups Company together to address different Problems, Challenges and ways to deal with it in the Country and inspire youth to be a part of these challenges to figure out different Innovation stuffs in order to solve different problems exist in Nepalese society. We are building Mindset of Problem Solving as an Entrepreneur in Nepalese Youth.

The event will be onward from 11:00 PM, on 31st of August. There will be Keynote Speakers from Four different field Entrepreneurship, Technology, Innovation and Business (Startups). Panel Discussions on “Why Entrepreneurship in Nepal” and different Startups CEO/Founder will be sharing their experiences, focusing to create great ecosystem for Young Entrepreneurs in the country to bring more Innovation Stuffs and to build Great Company in the days to come. Along with these, there will be Networking sessions to connect with Entrepreneurs, Speaker, Businessman, TechEnthusiast and Innovative-minded people at the event. Throughout this event, we will be making youth in conditioned to think about different challenges and problems exist in to the systems of different filed (Education, Health, Agriculture, Business and Innovation) and bring them together to work on to those problems and challenges as an Entrepreneur to solve them.

WHERE : MC Donald Food Cafe Restaurant and Banquet Mid Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal

WHEN: Date – 31st AugustSaturday 2019, Time – 11:00 am – 4:00 PM

To Register for the event click here

Most Diverse Marketing Technology Summit in Malaysia

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MarTech Summit – is a marketing technology event designed to be 2-Day programme with 200+ attendees and 25+ Speakers from the industry – bringing a great mix of digital marketing and technology experience – So join us and hear from some of the most audacious and thought provoking speakers in the digital marketing industry. And Gain insight into emerging strategies, the latest innovative technologies, and best practices to move your business to the next level.

Don’t miss the opportunity to network with thought leaders, collaborate with your peers and build your network in a beautiful atmosphere.

Find out more @

SUPER EARLY BIRD for 2 days only. Ticket:

Facebook Event Page:

Entrepreneurship & Innovation Conclave 2019 Held In Bangladesh

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Innovation Hub Bangladesh in association with CORE Global has taken the initiative to develop the ecosystem of Innovation and Entrepreneurship amongst youth and organize the second season of Entrepreneurship & Innovation Conclave (EIC) 2019 at EMK Center brought to you by Turtle Venture and in collaboration with Finnovision Powered by FasterCapital. This collaborative ideation, learning and maker space will enable students and educators, joining with entrepreneurs, business leaders, local government officials, alumni, and educational partners, to co-create and realize the power of human innovation through cross pollination of education, business and community talent immersed in the best of startup culture.

This collaborative idealization, learning, and maker space will enable students and educators, joining with entrepreneurs, business leaders, local government officials, alumni, and educational partners, to co-create and realize the power of human innovation through cross-pollination of education, business and community talent immersed in the best of startup culture.

Youth Hub, Commononwealth Youth Innovation Hub, Google Business Group (GBG) Dhaka, Startup Grind, Powered by Google for Entrepreneurs, US-Bangladesh technology Venture (UBT VENTURE), Global Fintech Forum, US-Bangladesh Technology Association of North America (USBTANA), Digital Express, LEADSAS, Ai Robotics Asia Ltd & Xen Tech, The Pages, Crocodile Bangladesh, Red Canvas, The Consultant & Lead My World are the Proud Partners of The Second Season of Entrepreneurship & Innovation Conclave (EIC) 2019.

YY Future Cities Lab starts its journey to foster social business based solutions for sustainable future cities

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With the vision to spread social business as the key solution to city level problems, Future City Summit together with SBYA Global, Grameen Australia and YY Goshti has launched the first program of YY Future Cities Lab from 19-21 March in Manila, Philippines. In collaboration with Launchgarage, Pearl Pay, Roxas Kalaw Foundation, QSV, Nexus Labs, ReLabs, Green Giant FM,Animo Labs, College of Saint Benilde De La Salle, Greenman, Yunus Centre, The YY Foundation, Commonwealth Youth Cities Initiative, Commonwealth Youth Innovation Hub, Youth Hub, Sukonna and other key stakeholders from the local and international ecosystem this 3 days program hosted 50 delegates from 20 cities and 12 countries around the world including Lagos, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Shanghai, Ireland, Germany, Australia, Batangas,, Manila, Bangkok, Dhaka, Kuala Lumpur, Seoul and so on.

Notable speakers and guests include, Nobel Peace Prize Winner Professor Muhammad Yunus, the Founder of Grameen Bank, Lamiya Morshed, Executive Director of Yunus Centre, Akkie Okma, the Executive Coach and counsellor at Okma Advice, Dominique V. Dauster, MD of The YY Foundation, Shazeeb M Khairul Islam, President of SBYA Global, Prometheus Siddique, Project Director of Grameen Australia, Jay Fajardo, CEO of Launchgarage, Shadman Sadab, CEO of Future City Summit, Vinci Roxas, Founder of Roxas Kalaw Foundation, Mel SOnco, CEO of Lab.Ph, Sparky Perreras, CEO of Pearl Pay, Edison Tsai, Executive Director of SeedIn Technology and Matthias Gelber Founder of Greenman.

The 3 days program had keynote session by Professor Muhammad Yunus on A World of Three Zeros, panel discussions on the future of fintech and future of inclusive communities in social business, Social Business Design Jam to find out social business model based solutions to the problems of emerging cities like Manila, Emerging Future Cities Social Business Network round table discussion and agreement signing, private meetings for building collaboration framework among the stakeholders and initiation of Fintech Lab & Urban-Rural collaboration Lab.

“ In Future City Summit we don’t just talk about the problems in the cities, we talk about the solutions, connect stakeholders and focus on executing the solution. When we talk about sustainable and inclusive cities, social business is the only key to achieve that goal. Social business reduces inequalities, empowers people and builds peace among communities. In YY Future Cities Lab, together with the partners, we aspire to spread social business in the emerging cities of the world. Manila was the first step.” – Shadman Sadab, Chief Executive Officer, Future City Summit, Executive Director, YY Future Cities Lab ( Public Private Partnership by Youth).

“ Social Business can break the chain of poverty, unemployment and global warming. It’s 2019 and it’s still possible to change the world with the power of social business. Together with Future City Summit, We will spread social business among the youths of emerging economies to help create sustainable cities ” – Shazeeb M Khairul Islam, President, Social Business Youth Alliance & Managing Director, YY Goshti.

“ For someone of Dr. Yunus’ stature to have been able to grace a conference which we built from the ground up way back in 2016 was a surreal experience and we will ensure that the YY Future Cities Lab, together with our strategic network, delivers the most value to future incubatees through focused acceleration, capacity building programs and a planned fund to be established later within the year.” –  Russ Malangen, City Partner Manila & & Blockchain Committee Chairman of Future City Summit.

Right after the YY Future Cities Lab, from 22-23 March “Social Business Youth Summit 2019” took place in Manila. With the vision of creating a world of three zeros, the SBYS 2019 was hosted by SBYA Global in collaboration with partners including Future City Summit. The summit brought together a broad range of communities in the shared pursuit of development through innovation. Attendees include students, entrepreneurs, academics, working professionals, activists, CSR practitioners, & NGO representatives. Around 350 participants from 30+ Universities,50+ Entrepreneurs Social Businesses/ Startups/Enterprises joined the summit.

15 Social Businesses have been  showcased, 15 hours of knowledge sharing and workshops was conducted.

About Future City Summit:

For one Hong Kong-based non-profit group focused on Asia’s young workforce, the future is now. The Future City Summit seeks to help emerging cities in the region develop through public-private partnerships, engaging young leaders from local governments and business startups.

Its project series Public-Private Partnership by Youth targets sectors such as sustainable tourism in Denpasar, Bali, the future of media and entertainment in Bangkok, social impact through fintech in Manila, and the future workforce in Ramallah. Stakeholders have included the Asian Development Bank, the African Union, Harvard Graduate School of Design, and the University of Hong Kong.

Future City Summit Presents, YY Future Cities Lab

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YY Future Cities Lab is a platform initiated by Future City Summit in collaboration with Social Business Youth Alliance (SBYA) Global to innovate and incubate social business ideas to build sustainable future cities.

“YY Future Cities Lab 2019” is going to take place in Manila, Philippines, with the first hand interaction and experience with Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Prof. Muhammad Yunus.

[ YY Future Cities Lab ] :

YY Future Cities Lab is the collaboration avenue of Future City Summit and SBYA Global with support from YY Goshti,Launchgarage and Grameen Australia, on the stressing issues of:

1) Rural unbanked economy, and
2) Housing with suburban-urban linkage

Together with progressive communities in social business domain, SBYA Global and Future City Summit will explore how social business can build sustainable future cities with the rural and suburban communities. With the mentors from Asian Development Bank, Launchgarage, YY Goshti and Grameen Australia, we will step into next level collaboration and incubation for the concerned groups.

Winning 3 teams would be given the opportunity to pitch at the Social Business Youth Summit 2019 (22-23 March) in Manila.It’s an exclusive pitch run for the “YY Future Cities Lab” design jam champions to pitch in front of the critical stakeholders of Social Business arena like Yunus Centre, Grameen Australia, SBYA Global, YY Goshti, The YY Foundation and so on.

The best pitch will be awarded by Professor Muhammad Yunus and will be taken for three months mentorship and incubation supported by YY Goshti and Future City Summit.

[ SocBus Design Jam ] :

With the prototype hackathon style design jam, the feasible pitches sorted would be supported by Future City Summit and its ecosystem for implementation.

All delegates would be recognised for their contribution to the design framework developed with YY Goshti, SBYA Global, Yunus Centre and Grameen Australia.

[ Program Features ] :

1. Keynote fireside chat with Prof. Muhammad Yunus and other pioneers with years of lesson learnt in social businesses.
Learn directly from Prof. Muhammad Yunus and other leaders from Philippines, how he visions “A world of three zeros” and the 10 years challenge in rural unbanked economy and urbanisation.

2. SocBus Design Jam on the “Three Zeros”.
Team up with 70 young leaders from 25 cities from around Asia region to come up with social business ideas which contribute to find out sustainable solutions to housing and rural unbanked issues.

3. Network with the Top-notch Leaders from Emerging Cities.
First hand experience and network building with leaders from YY Goshti, SBYA Global, Yunus Centre, Grameen Australia, The YY Foundation, Asian Development Bank, World Economic Forum Global Shapers and Harvard GSD.

Date: 19th – 21st March 2019
Location: Manila, Philippines

[ Event Page ] :

[ Application ] :


To develop a public-private partnership and to solve municipal level problems, FCS has initiated “Public-Private Partnership by Youth.” The “YY Future Cities Lab” will play a significant role to find out sustainable solutions for the cities by giving it a social business model.

Hello World Programming Workshop Held in EWIC

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Hello World Programming Workshop has already been flagged up with positive responses from the hosted schools in the country. To isnpire the young students, Youth Hub has been organizing this Workshop.

On October 10 January, East West International College in Seremban, Malaysia hosted a Hello World Programming Workshop. 46 students from SMK WARISAN PUTERI in two batches participated at the Workshop. Some very interesting topics including printing something using C language or calculate something using this language was widely been discussed.

The participants enjoyed the session and they were curious enough to learn more. Pavel Sarwar, one of the trainers of the session shared, ‘ We got unbelievable responses from the participants. They have got all the potential to flourish with programming. They just need mentoring and training well.’

International Girls In ICT Day : Career Talk

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An event named “International Girls In ICT Day : Career Talk” is held 13 April 2018 organized by Youth Hub at East West International College, Malaysia. It needs to be noted, YOUTH HUB is a global platform for YOUTH. YH  focuses on  Innovation, Technology & Entrepreneurship.

International Girls in ICT Day, celebrated on the 4th Thursday in April every year aims to create a global environment that empowers and encourages girls and young women to consider careers in the growing field of information and communication technologies (ICTs).

We invite the female technology leaders of the country to share their experiences and motivate the young girls and women in different university. The interactive session helps the participant girls to come out of their cocoons and interact with the leading guests.

Chief Guest: Prof. Dato’ Dr. Hj. Abdul Murad Ahmad, CEO of East International College, Malaysia
Panelist: Mahfuza Kanan Marium, AdWords Online Specialist, Google Malaysia.
Kaniz Fatema, Head of Data & Device, Rajshahi Buisness Circle, Grameenphone Ltd, Bangladesh.
Nurul Qurrantu Aini Binti Dato’ Abdul Murad, Liaison Officer, International Student Training, East West International College, Malaysia.
Pavel Sarwar, Co- Founder, Youth Hub.