Connecting Youth!





YOUTH HUB is a global platform for YOUTH. YOUTH HUB  focuses on  Innovation, Technology & Entrepreneurship.

YOUTH HUB want to share with the youth’s- do what you love,  inspire others and change the world.

The initial idea is to create a broad organization where the Youths can exchange their ideas and embark on new initiatives.

Currently we are trying to educate and enable school students in computer science. We make computer science not just about binary, but about connecting code to community outreach and their passions, such as art, websites, or even hardware coding!

In doing so, Youth Hub wants to create an impact, so the main focus is for our chapters to connect computer science to doing community outreach and their passions.

Our Running Programs are Hour of Code, Scratch Programming, Hello World Programming Workshop, School Holiday Program, Girls Programming Camp, Career Talk & ICT Open House Day

If you have any inquiries, get in touch with us at [email protected]